Gifts of Life Insurance

Insuring America’s Future

Do you have an insurance policy that is no longer as relevant  or necessary as it once was? Why not use your insurance to “insure” the future of the country you love? Gifts of insurance, though one of the simplest types of gifts to arrange, are often  an overlooked asset but can have just  as much of an impact as a traditional  bequest.

You can easily make Heritage the charitable beneficiary of your paid-up life insurance policy. All that’s generally required is your signature on a change of beneficiary form.

For an added tax benefit, you may also make a gift of a paid-up whole life policy and receive an income tax deduction by transferring ownership to Heritage. Your deduction on a paid up policy will be equal to the cash surrender value of the policy on the date it is donated, or your cost basis, whichever is less. The benefits of using this type of asset in support of Heritage are hard to deny, especially in the case of retirees who may have purchased a policy in their early working years with the intent of providing for their young children. These children may now be grown up and settled into their own careers, making this type of financial safety net virtually obsolete. Although your policy may have outlived its original purpose, it can be put to tremendously good use as a charitable gift in support of conservative principles that will affect the lives of many generations of Americans, including future generations of your own family.

So, be sure to take a look at that overlooked policy in your file drawer and consider how it might be given new life as a legacy for America.

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