Charitable Gift Annuity

The gift that rewards you with lifetime income and tax savings

Imagine making a meaningful and patriotic gift that rewards you or your loved ones with dependable fixed income for life, a charitable income tax deduction, a potential reduction in estate taxes, and even capital gains tax savings. A Charitable Gift Annuity can deliver all of this, and more.

Charitable gift annuities are designed for people of retirement age or older. The older you are, the higher your annuity rate. The income it pays is based on your age and remains fixed for life.

Typically, a portion of your income will be tax-free for a number of years, which is an added tax benefit. If you choose to name a second beneficiary, the annuity will continue to pay the same amount to the surviving annuitant for the remainder of their life. When there are no more income beneficiaries, your remaining principal becomes a special gift to The Heritage Foundation.

The minimum gift required to establish a charitable gift annuity with Heritage is $5,000.